Income/Expense IQ

IREM’s Income/Expense IQ provides you digitally upgraded property income and expense benchmarks—giving you actionable insights and identifying opportunities for you to operate efficiently and drive value for your owners and tenants. Benchmarks are updated monthly with new data so you can always stay on-top of your building’s performance.

Compare the performance of your properties in real time, collaborate with your teammates, and filter data in one interactive dashboard. Benchmarks reflecting 2020 data are available for three asset classes:

  • Conventional apartment
  • Office
  • Industrial

The data submissions period is now open! Review the steps below to submit your 2021 data by June 1, 2022 for any property type.

How to submit your data

Now accepting submissions for all property types. Conventional apartment data collected in partnership with the National Apartment Association (NAA).

National Apartment Association

Existing users: Access I/E IQ to submit your 2021 building data, or to add more buildings.

New users: Getting started takes just a few minutes. Once you register, follow the tutorials to get your data submitted. We’ll show you how to set up your account, add your property information, and submit your income/expense data.. Have data for more than 20 properties to submit? Learn about high-volume submissions.

After submissions close on June 1, 2022, Lobby CRE’s team of data experts clean and prepare benchmarking data that will be available later this year. When the benchmarking data is available, you will receive an email from us. Data submitters will receive a complimentary 2021 benchmark report for one asset class, all MSAs.

Your data is always anonymous – data included in the benchmarking analysis later in the year will not indicate where it came from and Lobby CRE’s platform is fully encrypted so your data is safe. You’ll always have access to your own data.
Have questions? The Lobby CRE team is available to help along the way with any questions. Simply reach out to

Submit your data

High-volume submissions

If your organization plans to submit data on 20 or more buildings, we'd like to offer you support to onboard into the new system by connecting you with the Lobby CRE team. Please contact us directly at: Our partners at Lobby CRE will then reach out to you directly to initiate your onboarding.

Your complimentary product

As a CPM® or data submitter, your free benchmark product includes access to all metro areas for one asset class. Additional benchmarks for other asset classes are also available for purchase within the portal. If you are both a CPM and a data submitter, you’ll have access to all metro areas for one asset class.

Our complimentary 2021 National Summary is now available and free to download.

Get your 2021 National Summary

Pricing structure

Benchmarks are available for purchase within the portal by metro area and asset class.

  • One metro area, one asset class: $49 regular/$39 member
  • Five metro areas, same asset class: $199 regular/$159 member
  • Ten metro areas, same asset class: $349 regular/$279 member
  • All metro areas, same asset class: $499 regular/$399 member

Accessing and purchasing benchmarks

If you’ve submitted data in the new I/E IQ system, to ensure account security, you should've received an email from Lobby CRE prompting you to access your account and reset your password. Please contact if you have not received this email.

If you're a CPM, access your complimentary benchmark. Set up your complimentary Lobby CRE account and the platform will guide you through accessing and utilizing the benchmarks.

To purchase benchmarks, set up your account. The platform will then guide you through accessing and utilizing the benchmarks.

Image of Lobby CRE platform showing view of your properties uploaded to the platform. Lobby CRE Income Expense IQ screen comparing IE benchmarks to your properties

Want to see more information on accessing benchmarks and creating dashboards? Log into the platform for helpful tutorials.

About Lobby CRE

Lobby CRE helps real estate firms transform their portfolio with intelligent data and portfolio management. Have access to all of your data sources and automated reporting of performance across all of your properties with one platform. With Lobby CRE, you’ll easily be able to answer, “What is happening in my portfolio? Why is it happening? How should I take action?” with just a few clicks.

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