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Enter your multifamily, office, industrial, and other assets into the platform- it takes less than 5 minutes. And if you have more than 20 properties, the Lobby CRE Success Team will upload your T12 reports for you— free of charge.

Data submission is open until June 28, 2024. And remember, your data is always anonymous. Every person who submits data will receive one free Benchmark when we release the new dataset with your information. 

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More data, better benchmarks

The more data uploaded = the more valuable the results are. Everyone who submits data gets one free Benchmark when the new dataset with your information is released. Get started uploading your data today.

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What would you do if you were able to compare your income and expenses with other properties in your asset class?

How about comparing your asset with other properties in your metro area – or the entire country?

I/E IQ benchmarks quickly deliver market intelligence, including expenses like building maintenance costs, repairs, and amenities upkeep. Select asset type and MSA (metropolitan statistical area) and gain property performance insights to build better budgets and financial forecasts. Get benchmarks from the most recent dataset available, including data from more than 6,500 different properties.

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About I/E IQ partnerships


IREM has expanded its partnership to include the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International and its 85 local associations in the U.S. to share data on office, industrial, medical, corporate, and mixed-use commercial buildings. BOMA data makes I/E IQ platform even better.

IREM continues its partnership with the National Apartment Association, over 141 state, local, and international affiliates, and 95,000 members supporting more than 11.6 million conventional apartment homes on data collection and dissemination. Strong participation from NAA yields a more powerful platform.


Lobby CRE helps real estate firms transform their portfolio with intelligent data and portfolio management. With I/E IQ, you’ll be able to answer, “What is happening in my portfolio? Why is it happening? How should I take action?” with just a few clicks.

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