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Take your skills and career to the next level with the How to Write a Management Plan (Skills On-demand) course. The course prepares you for completing a thorough, written analysis of a property based on the owner’s goals for the investment.

Note that this course does not apply toward CPM credit. If you are interested in writing an independent management plan for CPM credit, please find more information here

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to:

  • Evaluate the property, its management, and the market for issues of concern and potential improvements
  • Analyze the property in its as-is condition and under alternative operating scenarios
  • Compare analysis of these scenarios against the owner’s goals using investment return metrics like cash-on-cash rate of return, value enhancement, NPV, and IRR
  • Recommend a direction for the property that meets the owner’s goals

The course contains guidelines, best practices, and examples to help you develop your plan. Also included with the course are the IREM Financial Analysis Spreadsheet, a sample management plan, and a management plan template.

Review our course policies and procedures page for further information

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