2020 IREM® Income/Expense Analysis® submissions now open

Contribute your 2019 property data to IREM and you’ll receive a free 2020 Income/Expense Analysis Report.

Submit now

It’s easy—just follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Log in at ie.irem.org
  • Step 2: Submit your 2019 property data by May 1
  • Step 3: Receive a free digital copy of a 2020 Income/Expense Analysis® Report (a $565 value), plus a free individual building report

For over 60 years, IREM’s Income/Expense Analysis has been the most accurate and reliable property benchmarking data. Help us continue to provide the most up-to-date data possible and submit today!


  • How do I submit?

    Login to our submission site at http://ie.irem.org/contributor/. If it’s your first time submitting, you’ll need to register for an account. 

  • Do I have to be an IREM member to submit?

    No! Anyone who manages property is welcome to submit.

  • Why should I submit? What’s in it for me?

    Besides supporting the Income/Expense program, if you submit your 2019 data by May 1st, and you’ll receive a personalized building report tailored to your property - plus a free 2020 Income/Expense Report for the property type you submitted!

  • Will my name or address be published?

    No. All data is strictly confidential and no names or addresses are ever published. Data is presented as aggregated data.

  • How long must my property have been operating to submit?

    Property must have been in operation for at least 12 months to be eligible to submit

  • Is there a minimum threshold for building size?

    IREM accepts data for residential properties of 12 units or more, office properties of 5,000 sq. feet or more, and retail/shopping properties of 20,000 sq. feet or more.

  • What documents are helpful to have on hand?

    Helpful documents include:

    • 2019 year-end Financial Statements
    • Utility Bills
    • Tax Information
    • Your Chart of Accounts
    • Building Lease for Building Demographics, age, square footage, etc
  • How long will this take?

    Only about 15-20 minutes if you have your documentation handy!

  • Do I need to complete this all at once?

    No, you can save your data and come back at any time.

  • What if I already submitted to BOMA’s EER?

    If you already submitted property information to BOMA, you can forward your pdf print out to incomeexpense@irem.org. Your information will be accepted, and you will be still receive the individual property report and free book.

    (Please note: BOMA does not accept IREM reporting, so it’s best to complete the BOMA reporting first, and then forward the pdf to IREM.)

    Questions? Contact us.

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