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Whether you’re working around the clock or not working at all, we know your life and your profession have been impacted by COVID-19. Property managers are on the front lines, keeping our hospitals, grocery stores, and apartments clean and safe, and working with tenants on rent solutions that will keep communities intact.

Times are challenging, and we’re here to help.

The IREM® Foundation is providing a grant of $25,000 to create relief funds in communities affected by COVID-19. The fund will drive support to local communities, by way of matching funds to local IREM chapters.  

You can donate to the worldwide relief fund or direct your dollars to a community near you – the IREM Foundation will match your gift, up to the first $1000 per chapter.

Chapters will determine the specifics of their local relief program. Relief programs may include:

  • Relief funds for members who have been financially impacted by COVID-19, whether by layoff, illness, or illness of a family member
  • Relief funds for local non-profits directly impacted by COVID-19
  • Relief funds for small businesses directly impacted by COVID-19
  • Relief funds for tenants or residents directly impacted by COVID-19
  • Any other charitable purpose related to COVID-19
  • Member dues support

Contact your local chapter for information about availability of funds.

Donations to the worldwide fund will be distributed at the discretion of the Foundation Board of Directors in support of additional matching funds, and/or initiatives that fall within the funding guidelines.

Make a donation today!

To direct your donation to a specific chapter’s relief fund, include the name of the chapter in the memo field on the donation form below. Donations that don’t specify a chapter will be designated for the worldwide relief fund.

Questions? Contact foundation@irem.org
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