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Capitol Hill Fly-in March 5-6, 2019 – Registration now open!

IREM is pleased to announce the return of the Capitol Hill Fly-in! This exciting event gives IREM Members an opportunity to meet with their federal legislators and advocate for issues critical to the real estate management industry. More information

Urgent: Flood Insurance to Expire on November 30

Unless Congress acts now, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) will expire on November 30. If NFIP lapses, millions of people and businesses will lose their coverage, and flood insurance will become much more costly, or even unavailable.

Although we continue to work towards a long-term reform bill with our coalition partners, we need your help to ensure that this critical program does not lapse. We urge members to please contact their Member of Congress about this important issue!

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The 2018 Vote: Energy Measures Garner Mixed Results

Featuring Ted Thurn, IREM Director, Government Affairs
Energy-related initiatives were on the midterm election ballots. The presence of those measures in three Western states speaks volumes about the growing momentum behind sustainability. Full article

IREM Signs onto Coalition Letter in Support of Extending Expired Tax Provisions

On November 13, IREM and 53 other organizations submitted a letter to the leaders of the U.S. House and Senate, urging them to address the expired “tax extenders” before Congress adjourns in December.

Since lapsing at the end of 2017, the uncertainty around the future of the tax extenders has left many businesses unable to plan long-term. This has in turn negatively impacted thousands of jobs throughout many different industries, including real estate management. Full letter

Property Managers Face Off Against Nature’s Worst

By IREM President, Don Wilkerson, CPM
I guess it’s a part of human nature that people tend to be self-congratulatory. We look at all the advancements we’ve made (consider technology and industry alone), and our mastery of the world is clear—and clearly the reason for boasting.

That is, until Nature decides to show us how tenuous that control over our environment is. In the blink of an eye, the comforts to which we’ve grown accustomed can be literally washed or blown away, plunging us all into a primitive darkness. Full article

Federally Assisted Housing

What the Mid-Term Election Results Mean for Affordable Housing, Community Development and Renewable Energy

Enacting a Phased-in 50 Percent LIHTC Allocation Increase Could Create More Than 264,000 Affordable Rental Homes

National News

What a Divided Government Means For CRE

Want to ban marijuana from your rental? Act now, lawyers say

Rent Control Advocates Continue Battle for Regulation, Despite Defeat of California’s Proposition 10

What the New Opportunity Zone Rules Don’t Tell You

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