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IREM certifies office, medical office, multifamily, senior housing, retail, industrial and self storage properties.

What is a CSP certification?

The IREM® Certified Sustainable Property certification is an affordable way to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability as a professional property manager. This certification is perfect for existing buildings that have excellent property operations and performance in categories such as energy, water, health, recycling, and procurement.

How to certify

Our FAQ page answers the most frequently asked questions about the certification process.

Download checklist and forms
Complete baseline requirements and earn minimum required points
Accumulate minimum required points in 5 categories
Share property in ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager
  1. Download materials
  2. Complete 15 baseline requirements
  3. Accumulate 62 points across 5 categories
  4. Apply for the certification and pay your application fee

Next steps in the CSP certification

Take the next step in getting an IREM® Certified Sustainable Property certification for the properties you manage. Simply get CSP resources for your property type in Step 2, then complete the application found in Step 3.

Proceed to Step 2: Get CSP resources

How a CSP certification can benefit your properties

  • Recognition: A Certified Sustainable Property certification can give your properties recognition for supporting sustainability and planetary health. Because sustainable practices are viewed more favorably than ever before, this certification is appealing to tenants, residents, employees, and stakeholders.
  • Improved net operating income: By managing a property with a CSP certification, you are managing a property that demonstrates meaningful sustainability practices. This means your property will be conserving resources like electricity, heat, and/or water, reducing the amount of expenses you will incur for operating the building. You can also build upon the CSP certification's Baseline Requirements to enhance your property's sustainability program, further improving your net operating income.
  • Enhanced ESG reporting: By following the reporting standard laid out in the Certified Sustainable Property certification, you will easily be able to keep track of track of key metrics and stay on top your propety's sustainability ratings used in ESG reporting.
  • Appeal to tenants and residents: By knowing the building they reside in is CSP certified, tenants and residents are more confident in the building's commitment to the health of the environment, and by extension, to the health of the individuals inside. Additionally, tenants and residents will be able to participate in sustainable practices while inside the building, conserving energy and resources compared to a building without a CSP certification.

Details for certifying a portfolio of properties

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