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For real estate management firms with a CPM in an executive position and ready to achieve and display company-wide excellence.

The AMO is an exclusive accreditation that gives an edge to top-class firms in gaining new business and developing top talent. The difference between a firm with an AMO and a firm without one is a difference of trust, credibility, and performance. Take your company to the next level and watch what doors begin to open.


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Click each section heading to see the requirements, or download and print a copy of the entire AMO checklist.

Executive CPM

  • Have a CPM in an executive position who directs and supervises the firm’s real estate management activities.

Business Stability and Fiscal Responsibility

  • Demonstrate business and financial stability by having been in business for at least three years, all of which is verified by an independent credit check.

Education – Two education requirements to be completed by the Executive CPM

Education Requirement 1: The Executive CPM must have successfully completed one of the following:

  • HRS603: Today’s Leadership Challenges" (HRS603) and BDM601: Growth Strategies for Real Estate Management Companies – offered from 1997 through 2016, or
  • 701: Managing the Management Company (offered prior to 1997)

Education Requirement 2: The Executive CPM must have successfully completed one of the following:



Insurance coverage

  • Hold a required amount of depositor’s forgery and alterations coverage and a fidelity bond.

Other Requirements

  • Perform 18 of 28 functions relative to operations of the firm, servicing the client, and managing properties.

  • Be interviewed and recommended for approval by the local IREM Chapter.

If you are from any other country, check out the Non-U.S. Firm AMO Application. Income Expense


  • Achieve higher standards. AMO Firms can demonstrate to investors and clients that they don’t just meet the industry standards... they set them.

  • Refine your business practices. The AMO best practices provide a framework for the professional delivery of real estate management services.

  • Earn new business. The AMO accreditation allows your firm to remain relevant by constantly focusing on your value proposition and being able to clearly articulate the value you bring to your clients.
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