IREM Next Gen CPM Leaders Program

    2023-2024 Next-Gen CPM Leaders


    IREM Next-Gen CPM Leaders is a talent management initiative. This initiative fast tracks a class of young professionals through the CPM program, providing supplemental leadership training at a savings of more than 50% on tuitions and registrations. The program will not only help your firm develop talent, it will create a sense of community and camaraderie among the participants to network and share best practices from around the country.

    Allen McCurdy

    Allen McCurdy, CPM Candidate

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    Cara Tripp

    Cara Tripp, CPM Candidate

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    Dennis Smith

    Dennis Smith, CPM Candidate

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    Diego Pandika

    Diego Pandika, CPM Candidate

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    Elizabeth Silvers

    Beth Silvers, CPM Candidate

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    Jonatan Perea

    Jonatan Perea, CPM Candidate

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    Katherine Feehan

    Katherine Feehan, CPM Candidate

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    Leslie Amaro

    Leslie Amaro, CPM Candidate

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    Rebecca Watson, CPM CandidateLearn more

    Tiana McQueen

    Tiana McQueen, CPM CandidateLearn more

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