IREM Next Gen CPM Leaders Program


The IREM Next Gen CPM Leaders program is a talent management initiative that offers an exclusive opportunity for property management firms to fast-track their young up-and-comers (under the age of 40) to earn the CPM.

Young managers from all over the country complete CPM coursework and enhanced supplemental leadership training – together. The result is a program that not only enhances an employee’s network, it enhances their key skill sets to immediately bring value to the properties your firm manages.

Leadership Track within the Next Gen CPM Program is sponsored by President Level Industry Partner, Rent Manager

What are eligibility requirements?

  • Must be 40 years or younger (in the year in which the application is submitted)
  • Have least 2 years of real estate management experience by time their nomination is submitted
  • By 2022 will have the appropriate experience required to earn the CPM
  • Must be able to complete all requirements within the timeline
  • Ability to travel to attend IREM Global Summit in both 2021 and 2022 (see schedule for more details)
  • Ability to travel to attend two week-long CPM education tracks in Chicago (see schedule for more details)

What will it cost?

  • * Regular price is $6,200, all AMO firms receive a discounted price of $5,200 per participant
  • One-time fee is per participant (non-transferrable, non-refundable). 
  • Cost covers course and exam tuitions, registration fees, application fees, and two-years of national and chapter CPM Candidate dues  (The fee does not cover any travel or lodging expenses)

* Scholarship funds that have been awarded to offset costs for certification courses cannot be used towards the Next Gen CPM Leaders Program

What's the deadline for nominations?

The deadline for 2021 nominations is March 15, 2021.

Nominate your employee here

Can I fax or mail in my nomination?

Submissions are only accepted through our online form.

How are nominations and selections made?

  • A representative from the firm must submit the nomination on the employees behalf (this can all be done online – see link above)
  • The nomination form is reviewed internally based on specific criteria focused on the employee’s current experience

When are official confirmations made?

Official confirmations will be made in May. Individuals chosen for the program will then be given directions for submitting the CPM Candidate application as well as the $5,200/$6,200 program fee.

What will my company gain?

  • A solid investment in your employee’s professional development. Statistics show that employers who provide professional development opportunities increase employee retention by more than 35%
  • A savings of over 50%
  • Recognition and publicity through IREM promotional efforts
  • Your employee’s expanded network and knowledge

May I see examples of who's been part of the Next Gen CPM Leaders Program in previous years?

Sure! Click here to see examples of who's been part of the Next Gen CPM Leaders Program.

Program Schedule for Class of 2021-2022

March 15, 2021


April 2021

Notification to all applicants and sponsoring firms

May 2021

Deadline to submit CPM Candidate application on

June 2021

Webinar to welcome participants and provide details of program

July 2021-January 2022

Complete four CPM online courses (MNT402, HRS402, MKL404/405/406, FIN402)

October 11-14, 2021
Las Vegas, NV

Attend IREM Global Summit, take ETH800 course, attend education sessions, other professional development, and recognition as participants of the Next Gen CPM Leaders Program

March 2022
Chicago, IL

Attend Asset Management Track in Chicago – 5 days to complete remaining three CPM courses (ASM603, ASM604, ASM605)

May 2022
Chicago, IL

Attend CPM Capstone Track in Chicago – 2 days
Followed by completion of the MPSA Exam and CPM certification exam requirements for the CPM

June-September 2022

Final CPM approval steps – application, experience, chapter approval

October 17-20, 2022 Dallas, TX

Attend IREM Global Summit, including education sessions, other professional development, and recognition as graduates of program and new CPM designees

Other activities throughout the period

  • Chapter participation
  • Additional webinars

*Dates are tentative and subject to change


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