Complete your IREM® CPM® education in a year

Get your CPM (Certified Property Manager) designation courses completed in a year and save with our special education bundle offers. Choose the bundle that fits you and how you learn best—whether self-paced online or live online with a cohort.

Bundle #1: By completing the CPM education with our self-paced online CPM bundle, you are on your way to meet step 2 of the CPM process. To meet the full requirements of step 2 of the CPM process, you’ll need to also complete ETH800.

Bundle #2: Once purchased, you’ll be emailed to enroll for the CPM certification so you can complete step 1 of the CPM process. By completing the CPM education and exams with our live online bundle, you‘ll meet steps 2 and 3 of the CPM process.

Bundle #1: Self-paced online CPM education

Bundle #2: Live online CPM education and exams


  • MKL410
  • MNT402
  • HRS402
  • FIN402
  • ASM603
  • ASM604
  • ASM605


  • ETH800: T Feb 21
  • MKL410: T-W March 21-22
  • MNT402: T-W April 18-19
  • HRS402: T-W May 23-24
  • FIN402: T-W June 20-21
  • ASM603: T-W Sept 19-20
  • ASM604: T Oct 17
  • ASM605: W Oct 18
  • CPM Capstone: T-W Nov 7-8

Upon completion, you will meet the requirements of steps 2 and 3 of the CPM process.

Format: Self-paced online

Format: Live online

Eligibility: No restrictions. Open to any IREM members, current CPM candidates, and non-members.

Eligibility: Not open to current CPM candidates or those who’ve completed any CPM education. Non-members, Associate members, ARMs, and ACoMs are eligible.

Price: $3,999
A savings of 5%

Price: $5,999 (includes discounted CPM enrollment fee)
A savings of 7%

No extensions, transfers, or refunds.

No extensions, transfers, or refunds. This bundle offer ends Feb. 15, 2023. Once purchased, you'll be emailed to enroll for the CPM. This completes step 1 of the CPM process.



Exclusions apply. Bundles do not qualify as part of IREM’s Black Friday Sale taking place Nov. 25-28, 2022. IREM Foundation scholarships cannot be applied to any bundle offers.

Bundle #2 includes the CPM enrollment fee. After purchase, an email will be sent with CPM enrollment instructions. CPM enrollment must be completed by December 31, 2023, to take advantage of the discount. CPM enrollment submitted after December 31, 2023, will incur a separate charge.

If you would like more information, please follow our steps to enroll as a CPM.

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