Step 1: Enroll

Download the CPM handbook

Download the CPM candidate welcome handbook


professionals are currently on their way to becoming an IREM Certified Property Manager. Don’t get left behind!



Your first step to becoming a CPM® is easy – just complete the short online form and pay a one-time enrollment fee to become a CPM candidate. You can then begin to register for your courses, as outlined in Step 2. The CPM designation is all about real-world skill, not theory. CPM candidates must have 36 months of qualifying real estate management experience by the time of graduation.

Details for international practitioners seeking the CPM

Program highlights:

  • Step 2: Learn
    Take 8 CPM certification courses covering core competencies for managing property and maximizing its value
  • Step 3: Test
    Pass the CPM Capstone, a two-part final assessment including a Management Plan Skills Assessment and the CPM Certification Exam
  • Step 4: Graduate
    • After one year minimum as a CPM candidate and 36 months of qualifying real estate management experience, you’ll be eligible for graduation
    • Grow your network by attending at least two of your IREM chapter’s events
    • Graduate after completing your CPM candidate file (includes paying any outstanding dues, and proof of real estate license if required by your current position)
  • Cost
    The average total cost for all tuition, fees, and dues is approximately $7,800–$8,500
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Did you know?

Fast Track options are available for CPM candidates meeting certain qualifications.

Download the CPM Checklist to track your progress

Before moving to Step 2:

  • Enroll online for the CPM
  • Pay one-time, non-refundable enrollment fee of $425 - no additional charges for the current calendar year

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