Step 2: Learn

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professionals are currently on their way to becoming an IREM Certified Property Manager. Don’t get left behind!


After completing “Step 1: Enroll”, you’ll become a CPM® candidate and start the learning phase of your CPM journey. The average time to complete “Step 2: Learn” is about 12-18 months. For more about what and how you’ll learn as a CPM candidate, read on below.

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CPM certification courses

The 8 CPM certification courses cover core competencies in property management and maximizing the value of real estate – the sequencing as indicated below is highly recommended.

  1. Ethics for the Real Estate Manager (ETH800)
  2. Budgeting, Cash Flow, and Reporting for Investment Real Estate (FIN402)
  3. Marketing and Leasing Strategies for Investment Properties (MKL410)
  4. Leading a Winning Property Management Team (HRS402)
  5. Managing Maintenance Operations and Property Risk (MNT402)
  6. Financing and Loan Analysis for Investment Real Estate (ASM603)
  7. Performance and Valuation of Investment Real Estate (ASM604)
  8. Asset Analysis of Investment Real Estate (ASM605)

Do you know about CPM Fast Track?

You can waive 7 of the 8 CPM certification courses by having a college degree in property management or real estate, select property manager professional certifications, or 20-years of qualifying real estate management experience.

Learn more about Fast Track

Learn your craft

The CPM designation is all about real-world skill, not theory. So CPM candidates must have 36 months of qualifying real estate management experience by the time of graduation.

Learn from your network

Seasoned CPMs have years of experience in solving real estate management’s most dynamic challenges. Building relationships with these experts will strengthen your knowledge, so CPM candidates must attend at least two IREM chapter events in the 12 months before graduation. Find a chapter near you.

Before moving to Step 3

  • Complete the 8 CPM certification courses
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