Step 3: Test


In this step, you’ll prove you have the knowledge that sets a CPM® apart by passing your CPM Capstone.


CPM Capstone

No matter how you took your 8 CPM certification courses (see Step 2), you must pass the CPM Capstone, a two-part final assessment. The CPM Capstone includes:

Part 1 – Management Plan Skills Assessment (MPSA): You’ll apply everything you learned in your CPM certification courses through a rigorous test designed to assess your ability to conduct several real-world analyses and make recommendations aligned with ownership goals using a variety of scenarios and property types (office, conventional apartments, retail, and more).

Part 2 – Final exam: Complex multiple choice, multi-select, and short answer questions covering all coursework and acquired skills. You’ll find a detailed description of the CPM Capstone, and how to prepare for it, in the CPM Handbook.


professionals are actively in the process of earning their IREM CPM property management designation.

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Most candidates complete the CPM Capstone, but an independent option is available for the Management Plan.

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