Accessing and Using Energy Data to Improve Property Operations

Energy efficiency pays—it results in utility cost savings, potentially higher tenant demand, and a better market position for your property. In order to make operational improvements and retrofits that lead to these benefits, you and your team need energy data. But how do you access this data? After you have the data, what types of analysis will help you make wise investments that improve property operations?

The course is appropriate for real estate managers of all experience levels and property teams, including maintenance staff and building engineers. Energy and building technology consultants will also benefit from taking the course to understand the decisions their clients make and the challenges they face.

What You Will Learn

  • Why access to energy data is important
  • How to obtain whole-building energy data to benchmark energy use
  • How to access interval data from a property’s utility meter
  • Private metering options, and how to choose an energy monitoring system
  • Basic and advanced energy analysis methods—from simple tracking to anomaly detection

How You Will Benefit

  • Assess your options for obtaining energy data in order to advance energy efficiency
  • Gain the knowledge required to engage with your utility, building engineering teams, and solutions providers to obtain energy data for analysis
  • Identify the types of analysis you will need to conduct in order to meet your energy management goals and reduce your property’s energy consumption

Expected Duration

1.5 Hours

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