Resident and Tenant Appreciation Events

New Ideas for the New Year!

What are you doing to show your appreciation for your residents and tenants? Do you use the same events year after year? Mix things up by incorporating the following special days, weeks, or months into your resident and tenant retention strategy!


  • Oatmeal Month: Distribute packs of oatmeal for a healthy breakfast as residents leave for the day, or as tenants enter the building
  • January 10th National Cut Your Energy Costs Day: Distribute conservation tips and implement building-wide challenges
  • January 23rd National Pie Day: Partner with a local bakery to offer residents and tenants coupons for mini-pies


  • American Heart Month: Organize a health fair or display information on heart facts and heart health information
  • February 7th National Wear Red Day: If residents or tenants wear red, enter them into a raffle for a free pedometer
  • February 27th National Chili Day: Host a chili cook-off with resident and tenant judges


  • International Ideas Month: Provide coffee gift cards to residents or tenants who submit ideas to a suggestion box
  • National Umbrella Month: Order umbrellas with logos and put them out for residents and tenants to borrow
  • March 29th Earth Hour: Distribute flashlights and encourage all residents and tenants to participate


  • April 5th National Deep Dish Pizza Day: Have a pizza party! Raffle prize can be a frozen deep dish pie shipped from Chicago.
  • April 22nd National Jelly Bean Day: Fill a jar with jelly beans and have residents and tenants guess how many to win the jar
  • April 22nd Earth Day, April 25th Arbor Day: Organize an e-waste collection event for residents and tenants to recycle electronics


  • National Barbecue Month: Host an outdoor barbecue for residents or cater a barbecue lunch for tenants
  • National Moving Month: Subsidize a portion of moving costs for all new residents or tenants
  • May 16th National Bike to Work Day: Offer bike tune-up services, or bagels and coffee for participating tenants


  • June, National Safety Month: Distribute safety tips for at home, at work, on the road, and in the community
  • June 6th National Donut Day: Provide donuts as residents leave for the day, or as tenants enter the building
  • July, National Ice Cream Month: Have an ice cream party! Plan “Sundae Sunday” for residents on National Ice Cream Day (7/20).


  • August 26th National Dog Day: Provide free pet grooming services for residents, distribute dog treats or toys, or create a dog run or play area for a day to socialize the pups
  • September, National Preparedness Month: Partner with local responders for a first-aid kit giveaway
  • September 1st – 7th National Waffle Week: Organize a raffle for a free waffle maker or plan a waffle breakfast


  • October, National Popcorn Poppin’ Month: Rent a popcorn maker for the leasing office or lobby and give away movie tickets
  • November, Peanut Butter Lovers’ Month: Post a list of recipes using peanut butter on the property’s website or Facebook page
  • December, Bingo’s Birthday Month: Organize a bingo night for residents or a “bingo break” for tenants with prizes from local shops


Additional Calendars

Download a copy of this Checklist for Resident and Tenant Appreciation Event Ideas


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