IREM Certified Sustainable Property Volume Program

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If you’re interested in certifying a portfolio of properties, consider enrolling in the IREM Certified Sustainable Property Volume Program.



In order to participate in the Volume Program, your company must have a sustainability program for your portfolio and:

IREM will use these items, as well as other information from your corporate policies and practices, to map your portfolio-level sustainability initiatives to certification requirements and prepare your Volume Program certification materials.



Benefits of the Volume Program include:

  • Streamlined and expedited certification process
  • Customized certification materials
  • Discounted application fees
  • Recognition by IREM
  • Complimentary IREM energy management courses
  • Listing in our certified sustainable property directory

Get Started

Ready to get started? Complete the IREM CSP Volume Program Enrollment Form Income Expense

After enrolling, companies are eligible for the Volume Program for three years, after which they may re-enroll. Volume Program participants may certify as many properties as desired in each year of eligibility, with a total of at least 10 properties certified by the end of eligibility.

Application fee discounts are available at the following levels:

IREM Member
10+ applications: $540/application
50+ applications: Contact IREM at

10+ applications: $900/application
50+ applications: Contact IREM at

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