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Choose from four different critical industry topics; leadership, property operations, managing the management company, and asset management. White Papers are free for members and just $5.99 for non-members.

Property Operations

   Crisis Communication



Managing the Management Company

   Succession Planning

   Retaining Talent



Asset Management

   A Shifting Dynamic: Asset vs. Property Management

   Using Internal Rate of Return (IRR) to Score Investments


Leadership Competencies

This innovative, instructive series of white papers teaches you the core competencies and best practices you need to lead in the real estate management industry. Leadership skills can be the difference between a good career and a great career.

Download the entire series package and save 20%.

Package of all 20 leadership white papers Building Teams
Critical Thinking
Conflict Management
Delegating Responsibility
Coaching and Developing
Building Relationships
Presentation Skills Recruitment and Staffing
Evolution of Leadership Negotiating
Self-Awareness Motivating Others
Professional Ethics Diversity in the Workplace
Creativity Creating a Leader Development System
Time Management Networking
The Real Estate Management Professional Leadership Competency Model

Leaders and leadership, not the number or size of buildings owned or managed, would become the discerning hallmark of those who prospered and those who failed ...A real estate firm without effective leaders might as well pack up and try something else. Leadership is the key to sustainability, productivity, profit­ability, and growth. РChristopher Lee, President and Chief Executive Officer of CEL & Associates, Inc.
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