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  • Nov 12, 2021
  • IREM

Strategies for effective return-to-office communications

In March 2020, the world shifted beneath our feet. Restaurants, theaters, and schools closed. Air travel and hotel stays dwindled. Taking public transportation became a death-defying experience. Even trips to the grocery store created anxiety. And for good reason, with a mysterious virus hanging in the air and few defenses against it.


  • Nov 10, 2021
  • John Salustri

Commercial leasing post-COVID: One CPM’s perspective

Arguably, the pandemic wreaked the worst damage on the office and retail food groups. And within those two sectors, it might well be restaurants that now have the greatest ground to make up.


  • Nov 05, 2021
  • John Salustri

Building the Future -- Anita DiPietro

Look up AED Asset Management online and you’ll find a full-service firm that offers everything from property management to construction services and design. The three-year-old firm (it was incorporated in 2018) boasts assets under management totaling 50 single- and multifamily units as well as office space in and around the Washington, DC area. But the notable thing about AED is that its founder and owner is 29-year-old Anita DiPietro, CPM®.


  • Nov 02, 2021
  • Stacy Holden

Creating workplace cultures that attract, inspire, and motivate high-powered teams

Stacy Holden, Industry Principal, Director, AppFolio, discussed hiring challenges and solutions during the session “Creating Workplace Cultures That Attract, Inspire, and Motivate High Powered Teams” at the recent IREM Global Summit. Here are a few takeaways from her presentation.


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