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  • Feb 27, 2023
  • IREM

How to stand out in your property management career: A roundup of IREM’s awards and recognition programs for early career professionals

New to property management? Or know someone new to the profession? You probably already know about the numerous ways IREM® can help you can gain the skills you need to succeed as a property manager (if you need a reminder, take a look at our certifications, Skill Badges as well as our subscriptions packages covering our Skills On-demand and webinars). more

  • Feb 16, 2023
  • Muhammad JawadUrRehman, CPM®

How can IREM serve as a catalyst for UAE property management?

IREM® (Institute of Real Estate Management) is a global organization that provides property and asset managers with in-depth expertise to meet the ever-evolving problems of real estate management. That means knowledge prepared for the day-to-day and the one-of-a-kind: from solving the latest tenant crisis to analyzing market conditions. IREM, with some 20,000 members, has been providing support and services to property management professionals since 1933.

  • Feb 16, 2023
  • IREM

The importance of data and benchmarking in real estate management

Data’s all around us. Every time we make an online purchase, send a tweet, respond to an email, or make a phone call, we’re creating new data. What does that mean? Why does anyone care?

  • Feb 13, 2023
  • IREM

5 steps to mastering mixed-use property management

Mixed-use developments have been around for centuries – an early example is Trajan’s Market in Rome, which dates back to around 110 AD. It’s considered by many to be the world’s oldest shopping mall, and also included apartments and government offices. Today, after a pandemic-induced downturn, mixed-use developments are making a strong comeback.

  • Feb 08, 2023
  • IREM

How can you help shape IREM’s next steps for DEI?

Did you know IREM is currently running a survey to refine our diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts? Anyone who completes it will be entered into a raffle to win one of 50 Amazon gift cards, for $25 each.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion have always been important to IREM. Our commitment became even clearer in 2021 when an IREM presidential task force created our DEI strategy. Now, we’re asking for your help in determining our priorities, and deciding which products, services, and resources would be most valuable to our members and chapters.


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