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  • Apr 27, 2020
  • IREM

IREM Celebrates CPM of the Year, Shannon Longino

IREM’s REME Awards celebrate the best of the real estate management profession in both individual and corporate categories. Among the individual categories, CPM of the Year goes to a singular real estate management professional who rises up personally and professionally.


  • Apr 23, 2020
  • IREM

Condo, co-op and PUD operational trends demystified

Among the many Income/Expense Analysis reports IREM offers is a breakdown of the operating expenses of the complicated condominium, co-up and planned unit developments (PUD). All three of these property types are defined by shared attributes that include governance by associations, which are paid fees by residents to provide amenities that can include pools, gyms, parks, and the like.


  • Apr 17, 2020
  • IREM

IREM® announces 2020 DISI leaders

IREM believes a diverse workforce increases creativity and performance, boosts your brand and your company’s reputation, and helps your business compete globally. But what is diversity, really? Diversity engages people with all different kinds of backgrounds, gender identities, ages, races, religions, abilities, and socioeconomic circumstances. All the differences we have among us. IREM celebrates the unique contributions that a diverse population brings to real estate management with the Diversity & Inclusion Succession Initiative, or DISI.


  • Apr 13, 2020
  • IREM

Two different continents, but one mission: corporate and social responsibility

IREM’s REME Awards celebrate achievements in real estate management in corporate and individual categories. One of the most coveted awards is for corporate and social responsibility. Last year’s nominees had such compelling stories the judges found it impossible to choose just one. So, the honor was shared between two outstanding, yet very different, winners.


  • Apr 08, 2020
  • IREM

Avoid the most common scams during this pandemic crisis

Why does it seem that whenever there’s a crisis, when people are feeling most isolated and vulnerable, there regrettably will be someone lurking in the background looking for opportunities to take advantage of the fear and exploit the situation? So it is with the coronavirus crisis. For many people sheltering in place and working from home, the internet and the phone have become the primary vehicle for communication and connection. They also have become fertile ground for the seeds of scams and fraud and phishing attacks to be sown.


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