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  • Mar 25, 2020
  • Nancye Kirk

IREM urges members to engage federal legislators

On Wednesday, March 11, more than 50 IREM members were in Washington, DC, for IREM’s second annual Capitol Hill Fly-In. They were well prepared to speak to their Congressmen after an in-depth orientation by the knowledgeable and talented government affairs team at the National Association of Realtors the day before.


  • Dec 06, 2019
  • IREM

Advocate for Real Estate Management at IREM’s Capitol Hill Fly-in

Public policy has a big impact on real estate managers. There are obvious topics, like the National Flood Insurance Program, and then the not-so-obvious, like assistance animals. IREM maintains a position on these issues, and advocates for legislation favorable to our industry.


  • Jul 16, 2019
  • Nancye Kirk

Vetting Technology Solutions: Challenging, But Well Worth the Effort

Evaluating and assessing technology options is a problem for everyone, even the tech companies themselves, according to panelist Riggs Kubiak, CEO and co-founder of Honest Buildings. With (by one count) over 3,000 companies to evaluate, it would be impossible for any single company—let alone any one person—to thoroughly know and understand the potential of every CRE solution. more

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