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Schedule Your IREM In-District Meeting

March 27, 2018 | Ted Thurn

Did you know that IREM’s In-District Meeting period is right around the corner? From March 26 – April 6, your U.S. Senators and Representative will be back in their home districts to meet with constituents, so now is the time to schedule your meetings.

Learn about how to conduct and schedule a meeting with your legislator by going to our In-District page.

Conducting a face-to-face meeting is one of the most effective ways to build a relationship with your legislators and their staff. As their constituent, you more than anyone else have a claim to your representatives' attention.

“With a bit of time and effort, and barely any cost, if any at all, we can shape the policies that directly affect our businesses,” said Mindy Gronbeck, CPM, Chair of the IREM Legislative and Public Policy Committee.

One of the issues we are asking members to discuss is the “ADA Education and Reform Act.” This legislation will help put an end to ADA “drive-by” lawsuits, which increased 37 percent in 2016. These lawsuits often result in property owners paying on average $3,000 ¬- $5,000 in lawyers’ settlement fees, leaving little money left over to repair the ADA violation.

Passing this important legislation will save you money and put the focus on making required changes— rather than lining lawyers’ pockets. To learn more about the ADA Education and Reform Act, please view IREM's and NAR's video on this important issue.

You can schedule a meeting with your legislator at any time; however, each year, Congress takes several “breaks,” which they work out of their local offices rather than in Washington, D.C. on Capitol Hill. The purpose of these breaks is to meet with their constituents, hold town meetings and to keep an ear to the ground. Congress will be on one of their breaks from March 26 – April 6; this is when we are targeting to conduct In-District meetings. As you know, you can meet with a total of three federal legislators, your two Senators and your Congressperson.

Remember, legislators are more likely to support positions that their constituents feel strongly about, and there is no better way to communicate your issue than by having a face-to-face meeting!

About the Author

Ted Thurn ( is Director, Government Affairs at IREM Headquarters in Chicago.


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