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Spotlight on Exceptional Performance: 2018 REME Award Winners

November 20, 2018 | Jenner O'Hagan

Ingenuity. Passion. Innovation.

These words encapsulate the admirable qualities that proved to be the common bond between the 2018 REME (Real Estate Management Excellence) Award winners. The REME Awards, presented by IREM, champion the companies and individuals who are establishing exceptional practices and initiatives that are propelling the real estate management industry forward.

Driven by the belief that better equipped associates deliver better service, Cortland Management, AMO, of Atlanta, was awarded the REME for Corporate Innovation for their 64-foot, custom-branded mobile facilities training unit (MTU), which allows for a hands-on training experience for their service team members. Cortland customized the MTU to allow associates to train on products specific to Cortland facilities. The MTU has now helped Cortland provide over 3,000 training hours (412 classes) to over 550 facilities team members across the country.

The REME Award for Corporate and Social Responsibility was awarded to ResProp Management of Tampa, Fla., for their role in creating Cristo Rey Tampa High School, which serves underprivileged communities in the Tampa area, and for their unique vocational programs. The Corporate Work Study Program lets students gain valuable work experience without taking away from their first-class college preparatory education. Students work five days a month with partner organizations, including corporations and non-profits, and Cristo Rey provides transportation to and from the job site. By supporting this program, ResProp is helping develop solid candidates with the social and technical skills to thrive in the real estate management industry.

Phillips Edison & Company, headquartered in Cincinnati, certainly had a busy year, implementing two new programs that each won a REME Award. The REME Award for Sustainability Programs was awarded to them for their partnership with Blue Sky Utility, which allowed them to enhance the efficiency of their California properties by installing new roof membranes and solar panels. This partnership not only gave Phillips Edison brand new, maintenance free roofs, it also allows them to purchase energy from Blue Sky at a discounted rate and pass that savings along to tenants. It’s a win-win-win-win, for Phillips Edison, Blue Sky, the tenants, and most importantly, the environment – proving that the best sustainability programs are the ones whose foundations start with sustainable relationships.

Phillips Edison also won the REME Award for Employee and Leadership Development for their all-encompassing revamp of their college recruiting and internship program. Their multi-faceted approach included the creation of a new brand identity for the program, which was shared through videos, social media, web and campus recruiting. A comprehensive internship program like theirs not only helps attract new talent to the company, but also serves as a pipeline for the industry’s next generation of leaders and innovators.

“The 2018 REME winners have demonstrated excellence in what they do. Not only do they stand out among their peers, but they share a commitment to adding value to their teams, their clients, and their properties,” said Don Wilkerson, CPM, 2018-19 IREM President, Gaston & Wilkerson Management, AMO, Reno, Nev. “We are so proud that they are truly making a difference in our industry – and fostering advancement for all of us!”

About the Author
Jenner O'Hagan is the IREM Corporate Communications Manager.


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