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Notable Firsts at the 2019 IREM Global Summit

June 14, 2019 | IREM

The 2019 IREM Global Summit will be held Sept. 23-26 in San Francisco, for the first time this century. September is also the best time to visit San Francisco, with fewer crowds, warm weather and virtually no rain. Global Summit attendees will be kept busy from early in the morning until well into the evening, so you may want to extend your visit to explore the city’s beaches, neighborhoods, music, art and food scene. Be sure to use the hashtag #IREMforward in all your Summit-related social media posts.

For the first time in IREM history, an Opening Premier Party with entertainment by the Chris Weaver Band will be held Tuesday, Sept. 24, at the legendary Bently Reserve, former home of the San Francisco Federal Reserve. Included in the National Register of Historic Places, the building was purchased by Bently Holdings in 2005. Renovations restored much of the original beauty of the building, and meet LEED Silver® Core and Shell standards, making it one of San Francisco’s greenest event venues.

On Thursday, Sept. 26, we’ll celebrate the inauguration of Cheryl Ann Gray, CPM, the first international member to be elected an IREM officer and who will serve as president in 2020. In addition to her work with IREM, Cheryl is head of special projects, operational excellence, with QuadReal Property Group in Toronto, Canada, providing strategic leadership and support of initiatives that help QuadReal achieve its operational goals.

Erik Qualman joins the IREM Global Summit for the first time as the featured speaker on Wednesday, Sept. 25 from 11 a.m.-noon. He’s helped organizations from Cartier to Google harness the power of social media to entertain, build relationships, educate and engage audiences. In his words, “We don’t have a choice on whether we do social and mobile, the choice is in how well we do it.”

We’re looking forward to hearing from first-time IREM Global Summit speaker John O’Leary on Thursday, Sept. 26 from 3:15-4:15 p.m. John speaks to how personal accountability involves every aspect of our lives—our thoughts, actions, behaviors and values. Explore how positive growth in life doesn’t come from a better spouse, different job, or new manager—it’s realized from within.

Even though yoga originated in India circa 3000 B.C., this is the first time IREM is offering early morning yoga sessions to attendees. Restore your mind and body with early morning yoga on Sept. 25 and 26. Just one session can improve your productivity and focus for the entire day. And achieve harmony, too, since all proceeds are donated to the IREM Foundation, a resource for people and organizations seeking to advance our industry.

The 2019 IREM Global Summit welcomes real estate managers and other real estate professionals from across the country and around the world to set the standards for best practices in real estate management. Come for the learning and networking, and leave inspired.

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