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professionals are currently on their way to becoming an IREM Certified Property Manager. Don’t get left behind!

Showcase your achievements with a digital badge

In today’s virtual world, it’s important that you’re able to establish credibility as a trusted property management professional. IREM® has partnered with Credly to provide digital badges for those who’ve earned the CPM®, ARM®, and/or ACoM certifications and/or IREM Skill Badges.

Show that you know your stuff, build your resume, and boost your reputation with digital badges that highlight the skills you’ve earned. Digital badges also assure the virtual world that your achievements have been verified by IREM – the world’s strongest voice for all things real estate management.

Digital badges are available at no added cost to individuals with a certification and those who’ve earned an IREM Skill Badge. Think of it as an additional benefit that adds even more value to your achievement.

  • Enhance your online profiles and stand out in the digital world
  • Convey trust online with IREM-verified credibility
  • Get more from your investment to earn and maintain your certification and/or IREM Skill Badge

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Have a certification and/or an IREM Skill Badge? Claim your digital badge today and add it to your email signatures, social profiles, websites, and anywhere you have a digital footprint.

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Check out these videos on how to make the most of your digital badge.

Haven’t earned a badge yet?

Check out our certifications for individuals and our IREM Skill Badges to learn more.

“I was impressed by the likes I got after the badge was installed through LinkedIn. I am still getting feedback today!”

“Someone in Florida asked me within ten minutes how I obtained my badge!”

“It’s always so nice to be able to list credentials under licenses/certs.”

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