Skill-builder certificates

Real estate managers know that a good maintenance team is invaluable. They also know that skilled maintenance professionals can be hard to find.

To help real estate managers ensure that their maintenance staff has the skills needed for effective building management, IREM offers a Maintenance and Risk Management Certificate.

Maintenance professionals who earn this certificate take away a solid foundation of the skills real estate managers seek to help realize their goals for the building. And, real estate managers who employ them can be assured these professionals have the knowledge and training to help reduce loss and preserve the owner’s investment.

Experience the difference a trained maintenance staff makes to optimize your building’s performance, and register them for the IREM Maintenance and Risk Management Certificate.



More certificates coming soon!

Accelerator courses

Keep your property management team prepared for the day-to-day and the one-of-a-kind.

These live webinars and on-demand courses on trending and skill-building topics are how leading real estate management teams stay on the cutting edge – in as little as an hour. We’ve also made some courses free for members and non-members – take a look at what we’re offering.

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