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IREM® announces 2020 DISI leaders

IREM believes a diverse workforce increases creativity and performance, boosts your brand and your company’s reputation, and helps your business compete globally. But what is diversity, really? Diversity engages people with all different kinds of backgrounds, gender identities, ages, races, religions, abilities, and socioeconomic circumstances. All the differences we have among us. IREM celebrates the unique contributions that a diverse population brings to real estate management with the Diversity & Inclusion Succession Initiative, or DISI.

We’re honored to present this year’s 2020 DISI leaders. These are IREM members from underrepresented groups who’ve demonstrated leadership in their local IREM chapter, have an interest in advancing their leadership skills nationally, and are interested in enhancing their knowledge and skills through IREM education. They’re already making a positive impact on our profession, and in their communities. As DISI leaders, these women will benefit from professional mentoring, and receive recognition, training and education at the 2020 IREM Global Summit.

Who are IREM’s 2020 DISI leaders?

  • Jacqueline Knight, CPM® with Ackerberg in Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Whitney Lane with Weingarten Realty in Phoenix, Arizona
  • Kandace Massenburg with Jones Lang LaSalle in Washington D.C.
  • Chianon Mutsiwegota with Texas Capital Partners in Phoenix, Arizona
  • Khanyisile Nene, CPM® with Airports Company South Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Karoline Peralta, ARM® with Virtue Properties in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Michiko Sanchez, ARM® with Denver Housing Authority in Denver, Colorado
  • Sarah Shezi, CPM® with Broll Property Group in Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Shanicka Sudler with PropertyWize in Lutherville-Timonium, Maryland
  • Dee Wilson with Freeman Webb in Nashville, Tennessee

What does being a DISI Leader mean?

We interviewed several of this year’s DISI Leaders to learn what this recognition means to them. Here’s what they said:

Whitney Lane
“I’m honored to be recognized as one of IREM’s 2020 DISI Leaders. This is a wonderful opportunity to receive mentorship, and to grow my professional network, while I continue to pursue my CPM designation. I’m grateful to be a part of an organization that values diversity and promotes inclusion.”

Chianon Mutsiwegota
“I’m very honored to be chosen as a 2020 DISI leader. I've always strived to help others feel empowered, find their voice, and grow beyond their own expectations, and I look forward to the opportunity to coach and further assist in the advancement of others.”

Karoline Peralta, ARM®
“I’m honored to have been selected as one of IREM’s 2020 DISI Leaders.  I look forward to working with the team in developing programs to promote diversity in the workplace, and in the exciting field of real estate."

Michiko Sanchez, ARM®
“To be recognized as one of 10 DISI leaders is very exciting. To be trusted with this role is a great opportunity, where I can share qualities of respect, honesty, authenticity and bring awareness and value to diversity and the importance of celebrating ALL people from all cultures. Thank you.”

Shanicka Sudler
“Thank you. I’m deeply honored to receive such an award. To be recognized by my peers for work on something as important as diversity, to me, my family, and my ancestors is very special. It’s really humbling to receive the award in the challenging climb towards greatness over the past decade and a half. This has inspired me to push myself even further.”

Congratulations to this outstanding group. These extraordinary professionals make a difference in the lives of so many, every day. Learn more about IREM’s DISI diversity outreach programs.

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