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The changing shape of property management

Change happens, but many of us try to control the course of change by clinging to the tried and true. On the other hand, what opportunities and innovation are we missing out on if we don’t embrace change? After all, the greatest breakthroughs of modern history – the light bulb, the telephone, the iPod - were motivated by seemingly wild ideas.

To help property managers prepare for the future, AppFolio, a leading provider of property management technology solutions, has partnered with IREM for a virtual event that will open your mind to what’s possible in property management. Over the course of three days you’ll learn to identify the hurdles preventing you from adopting the change and innovation that leads to success.

Sometimes all it takes to clear our minds of the dust impeding creative thinking is time out. Taking time away from the duties and responsibilities weighing us down and connecting with experts who’ve taken a look into the future, can help define a clear vision and provide fresh insight. Sharing your new perspectives with fellow real estate professionals can unlock the full potential of your business, and your team.

The speakers and session leaders selected to participate are the industry experts shaping the future of property management. Each of them offers perspective on the real estate industry, from the impact of artificial intelligence, to identifying trends that will change the way we manage the built environment, to staying ahead of customer expectations. And once you experience keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche, you’ll want to explore all the sessions.

Do you have questions about virtual leasing? The impact of COVID-19? These topics will be discussed, through a futurist lens. Sessions are organized for participants to come and go as they wish, with opportunities for virtual networking and Q&A.

While studies show that innovation is high on the list of business priorities, implementing strategic change is hampered by organizational obstacles. With limited time and competing departmental goals, initiatives that have the potential to propel your business to greater success are often sidelined by immediate concerns. We’ve all been there. The time is now to discard the habits and rituals preventing us from breaking old molds and exploring new paths.

Bring an open mind and an empty wallet because this event is free. Register now.


Really, a great piece of information shared on property management. Keep posting!


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