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Tools for a fully automated property management operation

As a property manager, what does your workday look like? Are you and your team spending hours of valuable time completing routine, tedious tasks like posting charges, late fees, and running reports? You may be scouring your database for late payers to see which individuals need a payment reminder.

When you utilize automation capabilities, there’s no need to sit bleary-eyed in front of a computer screen. After setting up a few processes, your software will accomplish those monotonous, yet crucial tasks for you; freeing you and your team up to tackle high-level initiatives.

Take back your workday with task automation

Automation magnifies efficiency and is designed to make the most of your time. If your property management software includes automation capabilities—a feature that automatically completes everyday assignments for you—it introduces a new level of organization to your day-to-day activities. Manual data entry exhausts your employees and steals essential time needed to cultivate creative marketing ideas, strategically fill vacancies, and conquer maintenance backlogs.

Task automation is a game-changing simplifier. You can set up your system to post recurring charges and late fees, automate loan and utility postings, and post recurring service issues without any user intervention. Once posting schedules and procedures are in place, your software will scan your database, locate anything that needs to be posted, and do the work for you.

Send automatic payment reminders to late-payers

Your daily task list is colossal. Keeping track of habitual late-payers and sending payment reminders can be a full-time job on its own. Reduce your stress and workload by automating the time-consuming process of accounts receivable reminders. Account receivable (AR) automation allows you to send notices via email and text to tenants and residents with open and upcoming charges.

AR automation removes human error and deadline stress from the equation. Once the automations are created, your software will dispatch a timely, personalized alert to late payers based on your predetermined schedule.

Schedule crucial reports to send to your owners

Your owners likely want to see crucial reports—like the balance sheet, profit & loss statement, and the rent roll—on a regular basis to monitor the health of their portfolio. Generating and emailing reports for specified date ranges can be as tedious as late-payment messaging. Again, report automation can eliminate the tedium of all that work.

Compile the reports you regularly send into a batch, and then schedule them to send to owners. With automation, reports can be slated for daily, weekly, or monthly distribution. It puts an end to exiting out of your software to attach a downloaded report to an email; everything you need is in one convenient place.

Built-in automation is the key to using property management software to its fullest extent. There are options available that offer a variety of automation features designed to customize your experience and make your job and the lives of your team members easier every day. Regardless of your chosen platform, be sure to explore new ways of streamlining your operation in 2021!

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