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A successful three days of IREM’s 2021 Virtual Chapter Leadership Retreat

IREM chapters build community among IREM members, extend the IREM brand, and help fulfill IREM’s mission of advancing the real estate management profession. From April 26-28, chapter leaders were invited to reconnect with other chapter leaders, reinvent their chapters in a post-pandemic era, and re-engage with members.

In an organization with 80 U.S. and 17 international chapters, IREM chapters grow membership, provide education and execute events in a lot of different ways. This event builds connections among chapter leaders to help ensure no matter where they are, or what preferences they have, IREM chapter leaders and members support each other in achieving common goals. The network of property management professionals around the globe has never mattered more to tenants, residents, or to each other.

Over the course of the three-day event, 434 chapter leaders heard from IREM Executive Committee members and enjoyed some amazing and amusing keynote speakers. The audience had a chance to join a conversation circle on equity, inclusion and diversity, and learned the critical skills of championing the IREM brand. They learned to build leadership muscle with a chapter management bootcamp, and heard from IREM government affairs experts who led a session on cultivating relationships with local, state and federal legislators to help solve critical issues the real estate industry faces today. Here are some of the highlights.

Opening keynote speaker Scott Stratten

Scott Stratten, president of Un-Marketing, a company he founded based on his belief that we can build better businesses by practicing integrity, community, and authenticity, opened the event on Tuesday. In his un-presentation he shared unique thoughts on branding, the shifting tides of the generations, and the disruptive influences we can hardly avoid, yet change the course of our lives. (Faxes, anyone?)

Over the course of his career he’s had a chance to work with different organizations to motivate staff, build brands, awareness, and in the case of associations like IREM, maintain the excitement that maintains and grows our membership. These are the elements that take chapter success to a whole new level.

Enriching IREM culture through equity, inclusion and diversity

Social equity remains a challenge for most organizations. IREM CEO and Executive Vice President joined leadership coach and consultant Karen Goins, IREM customer and member experience senior director Lizzie Ortolano, 2021 IREM president Chip Watts, CPM®, AHWD®, and IREM Diversity Advisory Board chairperson Kimberly Parker, CPM® in a candid conversation on equity, inclusion, and diversity at work.

There are many gaps to fill. First, those gaps in our company cultures need to be identified. Chapter leaders were guided by the real-life experiences these panelists shared in an effort to get us all to a place where we can honestly say our workplaces are inclusive of everyone who joins. It’s hard to have these difficult conversations in the workplace, but, ultimately we’re all better for it.

Emotional intelligence with Eduardo Bryant

What is emotional intelligence? Eduardo Bryant, founding member of EB Enterprises Consulting Group, breaks it down into five requirements:

  1. Empathy
  2. Self-regulation, as in think before you act or speak
  3. Self-awareness
  4. Social skills, or proficiency in managing relationships
  5. Motivation, with the passion and energy to live your best life

Eduardo showed his audience how to apply these elements to presentation skills. There’s nothing like a dynamic presenter to leave you feeling energized and motivated to go back to your life and take action with confidence. You come back home or to the office full of fresh ideas waiting to be explored.

And, as property management is a relationship-driven business, chapter leaders can harness emotional intelligence skills to motivate their teams and earn the trust of members.

Save the date

While we don’t know what the year will bring, we do know that IREM chapter leaders will figure it out and bring their experiences with them to next year’s event, April 25-27, in Chicago.

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