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IREM technology resources, all in one place

Now more than ever, real estate managers are integrating technology into the work they do each day. From leasing and virtual tours, payments and maintenance scheduling, forecasting and budgeting, it’s clear that technology provides solutions that help property managers do their jobs more efficiently, saving time and freeing them up to do what they do best – building relationships with residents, tenants, owners and investors.

Before the pandemic, property management technologies, or proptech, was being adopted slowly but steadily. And the landscape was very much focused on predictive maintenance and energy efficiency. But with the pandemic came remote working, social distancing, a lot more package deliveries, and health and safety issues. Properties still need to be occupied and maintained, staff and vendors still need to be managed, properties still require inspection, and document management remains number one on the list of major challenges still needed managing. And the list goes on. Property managers turned to proptech tools to help do what needed to be done.

Today, as we learn to live with COVID-19 and witness the impact of climate change on the environment, property managers are embracing the benefits technology offers – benefits that help with the required day-to-day activities of managing a building.

Technological advances help maximize air quality and energy efficiency. There are technologies that help manage package deliveries and operating expenses. Proptech can also help save costly expenses by forecasting needed maintenance and repairs. Equally important, the smart application of technology has been shown to increase property value and makes properties more attractive to renters – both residential and commercial.

We welcome the innovations that liberate property managers from many key administrative functions. But there’s also the risk associated with protecting the vast amount of data collected by real estate management companies. Property managers are also tasked with managing the costs associated with these enhancements, training staff, and maybe most importantly, choosing the tools that will serve them best.  

To help resolve these issues, we’ve launched IREM Tech to consolidate technology resources for property managers. IREM Tech is where you’ll find all the technology resources from IREM, including:

  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Courses
  • Publications
  • Events
  • On-demand learning

You’ll also find helpful solutions from IREM partners – the National Association of REALTORS® and the MIT Real Estate Innovation Lab among them.

The page includes the recent Tech Insights Survey – IREM’s annual survey that reveals the most common challenges property managers face, the hurdles to implementing technological solutions, and the most-used platforms and solutions. Our study assesses where members see themselves and their companies in terms of technology adoption and satisfaction, and lays the groundwork for creating tools and providing useful resources for use by members in responding to the pressures they face. A total of 887responses were received, compared to the 515 responses received he last time the study was conducted, in 2019.

Technology moves fast. IREM Tech can help make sure you don’t miss anything.

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