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Embracing sustainability and advocacy

In the ever-evolving landscape of real estate management, IREM® is stepping up to ensure professionals are equipped not only to address the industry's challenges, but to actively shape its future. Together with the IREM Foundation, we’ve introduced a groundbreaking opportunity that promises to be a game-changer for professionals in the field.

This dynamic partnership unveils a full day of programming, combining Advocacy Impact Day with an Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) Summit—an event that’s designed to ignite positive change and provide a deeper understanding of sustainability and advocacy in property management. This partnership represents an important piece of the puzzle to help ensure today’s property managers have the knowledge and skills to create a sustainable future.

Advocacy Impact Day + ESG Summit: A dual approach to progress

IREM's 2024 Advocacy Impact Day is taking on a new dimension, expanding to include a comprehensive ESG Summit to address the critical themes of environmental, social, and corporate governance. This combined event is crafted to empower attendees with knowledge and tools to actively participate in shaping the future of real estate.

Registration is now open for the Advocacy Impact Day + ESG Summit. Attendees will have a unique chance to:

1. Learn and influence:

The program offers a platform to learn about the challenges facing the real estate management profession and how to reach resolution. Engaging with federal legislators and advocating for meaningful change will be key components of the learning experience.

2. Deepen ESG understanding:

As sustainability becomes an increasingly vital aspect of property management, gaining a deeper understanding of ESG principles and effective sustainability measures is critical. The summit will shed light on these factors, providing participants with insights to improve their properties' eco-friendliness.

3. Build relationships and expertise:

Meeting and building relationships with legislators can position attendees as experts in their field. By working closely with decision-makers, attendees contribute to the development of policies that resonate with their values and business goals.

4. Direct impact on change:

The event enables participants to directly address lawmakers, bringing issues that matter to the forefront and advocating for change. These opportunities offer a chance to influence legislation that can positively impact real estate and real estate management.

5. Exposure and experience:

Beyond learning and advocacy, this experience offers valuable exposure. Participants can connect with fellow professionals and industry leaders, expanding their network and horizons.

6. A bigger cause:

Joining the IREM 2024 Advocacy Impact Day + ESG Summit means being part of something bigger than yourself—the collective pursuit of a sustainable and thriving real estate industry and a cleaner environment.

Collaboration for a sustainable future

IREM’s partnership with the IREM Foundation for this event signifies a new era of cooperation to promote sustainability and innovation. Aligned in our commitment to providing resources and tools on sustainability to IREM members, this alliance reflects the Foundation's dedication to fostering access to technological advancements and sustainability innovation in real estate management.

A day of enrichment

Program day morning sessions will delve into sustainability topics including benchmarking, conservation, and improving reporting and performance metrics. The midday portion will feature an expert panel discussing sustainability's impact on property management, offering attendees a chance to learn from thought leaders in the field.

The IREM Foundation will also acknowledge top-performing real estate management firms and recipients of the Jackson Control Sustainability Awards. This recognition honors outstanding performance in sustainable property management across various categories, encouraging knowledge-sharing and collaboration within the industry.

“Sustainability is about saving our planet” says Greg Ericksen, Chairman & CEO, Jackson Control Co. Inc. “Buildings waste more than 30% of energy usage and produce more than 40% of CO2 emissions. The Jackson Control Sustainability Awards honor the real estate leaders and teams leading the way with sustainability best practices. Sharing sustainability success stories and recognizing leadership achievements creates a better world for everyone.”

IREM's Advocacy Impact Day + ESG Summit marks a pivotal moment in real estate management. The partnership between IREM and the IREM Foundation promises an engaging, enlightening, and empowering experience for professionals seeking to make a positive impact on their properties and the world at large. With a commitment to sustainability and advocacy, this event invites you to be a part of shaping the future. Don't miss out on this chance to create meaningful change—register now and become a driving force for progress.

Want to learn more?

Earn the IREM ESG Skill Badge, which explores the purpose, benefits, and applications of ESG initiatives, enabling participants to enhance building operations, develop ESG platforms, and gain buy-in from key stakeholders.

Or, earn the IREM Certified Sustainable Property certification for your property. With sustainability becoming increasingly essential, this certification offers professionals the opportunity to make a tangible difference while staying cost-effective.

Taking these steps today helps us build a better future tomorrow.

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