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Recognizing excellence: IREM REME Award finalists 2023

In the dynamic world of real estate management, contributions by dedicated professionals can go unnoticed. IREM, however, recognizes and celebrates the achievements of individuals and organizations making a difference. Every year, the IREM REME Awards are presented to honor those who’ve not only excelled in their roles, but have also made lasting impacts on their communities. The 2023 REME Award finalists have been announced, spanning nine distinct categories to celebrate both individual and organizational achievements in real estate management.

Celebrating the pillars of thriving communities

It IREM, we believe well-managed properties are the cornerstone of community. Real estate managers have great influence over the lives of so many, impacting neighborhoods and communities across the globe. This year's Awards are particularly exciting, as the categories encompass nine categories that span the breadth and depth of the real estate management landscape, including several new DEI categories that recognize achievement in the DEI scope.

Uplifting communities through excellence

The finalists for the 2023 REME Awards are a testament to the exceptional accomplishments of real estate management professionals around the world. These individuals and organizations have not only displayed unwavering dedication to the real estate management profession, but have also harnessed their skills to uplift communities, making a tangible difference in the lives of the people they serve.

Corporate excellence shines bright

These are the finalists in the corporate awards categories:

AMO® of the Year

CBRE Property Management, AMO®

Curry Real Estate Services, AMO®

RPM Living, AMO®

IREM DEI Excellence Award - Corporate

CBRE Property Management, AMO®

Peabody Companies, AMO®


IREM Innovator Award

Cortland, AMO®

Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing

Sunrise Management & Consulting, AMO®

IREM Excellence Award - Corporate

BanCal Property Management

Olive Tree Holdings

RangeWater Real Estate, AMO®

These finalists have demonstrated remarkable management practices, innovative strategies, and a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion that make them stand out in their respective categories.

Individual brilliance recognized

Individual excellence takes center stage as well, with finalists recognized in the following categories:

ACoM® of the Year

Jasmyn Sylvester, ACoM®, CPM®

Roxanne Zinnermon, ACoM®

ARM® of the Year

Caitlin Shrum, ARM®

Fernando Bastos, ARM®

Jorge Ortiz, ARM®

CPM® of the Year

Adam Benoit, CPM®

Kasara Smith, CPM®

Lizette Negrin, CPM®

Michelle Pueda Nucci, CPM®

Whitney Rump, CPM®

IREM DEI Excellence Award - Individual

Jasmyn Sylvester, ACoM®, CPM®

Maria Jordan

Sharon Turner, CPM®

IREM Excellence Award - Individual

Dan Flamini, CPM®

Muhammad JawadUrRehman, CPM®

William P.J. McCarthy, CPM®

The diversity of talent, expertise, and commitment among these individuals is inspirational, and their recognition sets a high standard for the industry.

Looking ahead to the 2023 IREM Global Summit

Winners will be announced at the IREM Global Summit Gala in Toronto, Canada, October 12, 2023. This event promises not only to honor the winners, but also to provide a platform for inspiring further advancements in the world of real estate management.

The 2023 IREM REME Award finalists are a testament to the remarkable feats achieved by real estate managers across the globe. Their contributions, dedication, and innovative approaches have not only elevated their own roles but have also positively impacted the communities they serve. IREM's commitment to recognizing and celebrating these achievements underscores the organization's dedication to the growth and advancement of the real estate management profession.

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