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IREM REME Award winners shine in 2023

The real estate management industry thrives on the dedication, innovation, and unwavering commitment of individuals and organizations that consistently raise the bar of excellence. IREM® recognizes outstanding achievements in this field through the IREM REME Awards.

The REME Awards now include special categories for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives. Developed by a workgroup of the 2022 Diversity Advisory Board, these awards recognize individuals and businesses for DEI initiatives that impact their company, employees, property, residents, or tenants. Promoting DEI within companies and communities across the real estate management profession can help inspire leadership, innovation and impact.

All of these exceptional individuals and companies have not only demonstrated exceptional leadership, but have also made significant contributions to the real estate management profession. Join us in applauding their remarkable accomplishments and unwavering dedication.

AMO® of the Year

Curry Real Estate Services

Kansas City, MO

After 100 years, Curry Real Estate is known for steadiness, consistency, and professionalism. The company’s horizontal management structure, where everyone jumps in to help wherever needed, fosters, and enables an environment dedicated to quality service, for customers and colleagues in the industry. “There are so many big, complicated challenges in the world today, but I truly believe each one of us gets the chance to make a difference every day without even knowing it. Each interaction we have with a tenant, any phone call we get about maintenance issues, and every client we help with a real estate transaction makes an impact. If we approach it with respect, kindness, patience, and understanding, it’s a chance to do our small part in making the world a better place.”– Ellen Todd, President.

IREM Innovator Award


Atlanta, GA

Cortland research revealed that identifying key traits of top-talent and building an industry-leading learning platform could create career pathways for Cortland Associate employees. This pathway, or journey, was designed to help create exceptional experiences for associates at all stages of their employee lifecycle to feel just as much at home as our residents do when living in the community. Cortland’s focused approach, collaboration, and focus on employee development offers opportunities to support, educate, and retain top talent by offering solutions that innovate the space of multifamily.

IREM Excellence Award – Corporate

Olive Tree Holdings

New York, NY

In support of the company’s core values, Olive Tree Holdings offers various programs that promote professional development among team members. The company also recognizes the importance of social impact within the communities it serves. The company actively creates value for residents through a diverse range of community programming initiatives to foster a sense of community. These efforts not only provide career growth for employees and improve the quality of life for residents, but also contribute to the overall well-being of the community.

IREM DEI Excellence Award – Corporate

Peabody Companies, AMO®

Braintree, MA

Diversity is deeply ingrained in Peabody’s core values, extending far beyond traditional categories like race and gender. Recognizing the importance of a comprehensive understanding of diversity, they’ve expanded their focus to include a broader range of factors, including age, sexual preference, disabilities, and mental health. At Peabody, they actively welcome individuals from all walks of life, valuing diversity in race, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, creed, national origin, and disability.

IREM DEI Excellence Award – Individual

Jasmyn Sylvester, CPM®, ACoM®

VP, Property Management, East

Pine Tree

Atlanta, GA

Jasmyn Sylvester continues to make an impact on real estate management through her commitment to IREM and its mission. She’s been named a Diversity Scholar, an IREM 30 under 30, and has held numerous roles on IREM committees, including the Diversity Advisory Board. More recently, this year Jasmyn was named a GlobeSt Woman of Influence in the mentorship category, an honor that speaks to her strengths, and her work to ensure no one gets left behind in real estate management.

IREM Excellence Award – Individual

Muhammad JawadUrRehman, CPM®

Manager – Property & Community Development

IMKAN Properties

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Jawad’s accomplishments in the property management industry have made a significant impact on both the community and the profession. As the first CPM in the UAE, he’s brought awareness about IREM to the region, and his efforts to share information about the Institute have played a role in increasing the number of IREM members. Recently, he facilitated a strategic partnership between IREM and ADRES/Think Prop, strengthening the collaboration between these organizations in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, UAE.

His commitment to education, leadership, and professional development has also helped elevate the standards of the industry and fosters a strong sense of community among property management professionals.

ACoM® of the Year

Jasmyn Sylvester, CPM®, ACoM®

VP, Property Management, East

Pine Tree

Atlanta, GA

Mentorship has become Jasmyn’s purpose and her passion. In fact, this year she was officially named a GlobeSt Real Estate Forum Woman of Influence in the mentorship category. She was also named an ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers) Mary Lou Fiala Fellow for 2023, an honor designed for women who wish to take the next big step in their career with the support of other inspiring female mentors.

In short, Jasmyn celebrate others while giving everything she can to support and inspire those around her. In the words of Michelle Obama, “When you’ve worked hard, and done well, and walked through that doorway of opportunity, you do not slam it shut behind you. You reach back and you give other folks the same chances that helped you succeed.”

ARM® of the Year

Fernando Bastos, ARM®, BOC®, M.B.A.

General Manager

Keola La’i AOAO

Honolulu, HI

Fernando Bastos believes HOAs (Homeowners Associations) should fully embrace this responsibility, to maintain a sustainable posture establishing conscious and practical actions, minimizing the impact of buildings on the environment. His core belief is that sustainability is a continuous creation of value, both financially and ethically. Keola La’I, the HOA Fernando manages, is proud to be the first condo association in the State of Hawaii to be awarded the IREM CSP (Certified Sustainable Property) certification. Being certified as a sustainable condominium association validates that Keola La’i is making a positive impact on the environment and our society by preserving our ʻāina (“land” in Hawaiian).

CPM® of the Year


Director, Property Management

Stream Realty Partners

Austin, TX

Adam strives to make an impact every day by coaching, teaching, and encouraging empowerment to his colleagues and family, and has been privileged to serve, coach, mentor, and lead most of his life. He just enjoys helping others...It fills his bucket!

He’s always strived to live by the Golden Rule, and abide by the Platinum Rule - to treat others how they want to be treated, not how we individually want to be treated. He always considers the impact of his actions on others before making decisions.

REME Award winners are inspirational!

The IREM REME Award winners showcased here exemplify the highest standards of excellence and innovation in the real estate management industry. As we celebrate these outstanding achievements, let their stories inspire us to reach greater heights in our own endeavors, and let’s recognize that the values of integrity, empathy, and social responsibility are not just buzzwords, but the guiding principles that shape the future of real estate management.

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