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These one-hour on-demand courses are a fast and convenient way to learn current trends and skills for immediate on-the-job application. Anytime, anywhere access gives you the flexibility to learn on your own schedule.

7 Steps to EV Charging
Property owners and managers are being asked about the availability of EV charging stations on their properties.  Given the complexity of a new technology, and emerging business and operation... more
$99.00 / $59.00
Are You Ready? How Real Estate Tenants Can Prepare for Life Under ASC842 Lease Accounting
This one-hour course provides an overview of the latest lease standards and accounting for leases under the new regulations going into effect January 2019 for public companies and January 2020 for... more
$99.00 / $59.00
Becoming A Communications Super Hero
The ability to communicate effectively is an essential skill in today's world.  Communication is a dynamic process and how you communicate can positively and negatively affect the relationshi... more
$99.00 / $59.00
Budget Spreadsheet Techniques
In this one-hour course, Excel expert David Ringstrom, CPA, will share techniques you can use to create resilient and easy-to-maintain budget spreadsheets. Among other techniques, David will show ... more
$99.00 / $59.00
CAM, Tax, and Insurance Recoveries for the Property Manager
Does CAM mean "Confused And Maddening" to you? Do you dread the closing of the year-end books? CAM reconciliation is a necessary part of life as a property manager or property accountant. This cou... more
$99.00 / $59.00
Chief Engineer: Your Ultimate Copilot
Every pilot needs their copilot. As a Property Manager, your property is your aircraft and you need your Chief Engineer to soar. What does it take to build the ultimate pilot/co-pilot relationship... more
$99.00 / $59.00
Commercial Lease Administration
In this one-hour course, Regina Mullins, CPM, IREM Past President, and Director at Cushman and Wakefield, explores commercial leases and the administration of them. During this course, you will: ... more
$99.00 / $59.00
Commercial Real Estate Math for Real Estate Managers
This one-hour course provides an overview of the key financial concepts, formulas, and symbols used in commercial real estate. In this course, Eric Storey, CPM, IREM Instructor, and Senior Vice Pr... more
$99.00 / $59.00
Community Association Management: Developing Effective Communication Strategies to Maximize Your Time and Return
Community association management can be a time-consuming, patience-testing business line for management companies. However, with proper implementation of some critical team systems and policies as... more
$99.00 / $59.00
Defining Asset Management in Property Management
This one-hour course is based on IREM's seminal research project headed by Dr. Dustin Read, PhD/JD at Virginia Tech, that defines the real estate asset manager position by exploring the roles, res... more
$99.00 / $59.00
Emotional Support Animals: Best Practices for Managing Resident Requests
In this one-hour course, Attorney Kathi Williams and Doug Chasick, CPM from The Fair Housing Institute, Inc. explain the differences between service and support animals and FHA and ADA. They also ... more
$99.00 / $59.00
Habits and Rituals: Keys to Next Level Leadership
You can’t lead others effectively until you lead yourself! Ninety-five percent of our success is based on our habits and rituals. Lao-Tze quotes: ""Watch your thoughts, they become words. Words be... more
$99.00 / $59.00
How to Legally and Effectively Terminate an Employee
Every termination is risky.  Daily we hear about lawsuits on the news and internet.  The world has become a very litigious place.  You could be sued for wrongful termination. Knowle... more
$99.00 / $59.00
How to Master Your Calendar
Many get depressed when they realize they have all the time there is. They hide behind a state of busy-ness because they can’t see a clear way forward. They abandon their own dreams to tend to eve... more
$99.00 / $59.00
How to Use Social Media to Reach Clients and Market Your Business
Nearly 3 billion people around the world actively use social media, many of whom use it to make buying decisions. Social media has become a network of free billboard space on the internet highway.... more
$99.00 / $59.00
It`s A Bird, It`s A Plane, It`s Great Customer Service
In today’s competitive market it is more important than ever to create a strong service culture supported by skills to build loyal relationships with your customers and a better working environmen... more
$99.00 / $59.00
Legalized Marijuana & Commercial Real Estate: What You Need to Know
Medical and recreational marijuana legalization has exploded throughout the country.  In 2016, sales of legal marijuana in North America were nearly $7 billion dollars and, by 2021, are expec... more
$99.00 / $59.00
Parking Management 101
Parking facilities are frequently considered low priority areas in a real estate manager’s portfolio as long as tenants have open spots to use. Yet that facility is often the basis of the first im... more
$99.00 / $59.00
Picking up the PACE: Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing
Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE), is a fast-growing, innovative financing program that allows energy efficiency, water conservation and distributed generation improvements to be ma... more
$99.00 / $59.00
Recruiting and Working with Millennials
In this one-hour course, Diane Danielson discusses the demographic challenges facing the commercial real estate and what we need to do about it as an industry. The content for this presentation de... more
$99.00 / $59.00
The Real Estate Asset Manager`s Role in Leading a Team & Promoting Operational Efficiency
It is impossible for a real estate asset manager to be successful in his or her role without the involvement of others. Interpersonal skills are often as important as financial acumen in enhancing... more
$99.00 / $59.00
The Rise of Hospitality Level Service in the Commercial Office Environment
Hospitality and concierge level service are frequent topics in the Commercial Real Estate sector these days.  What does that mean for the more traditional Property Management office?  Ho... more
$99.00 / $59.00
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