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IREM Applauds Diversity in Real Estate Management

Successful organizations understand the benefits of fostering a diverse workforce. A diverse workforce leads to better financial results, a broader client base, and attracts top talent. And the talent pool is becoming more diverse every year. A recent study from Gallup reveals that racial and ethnic minorities make up nearly 40% of the U.S. population, 4.5% of adults identify as LGBTQ, and more than 40 million Americans have a disability.

A diverse workforce cultivates innovation and increases revenue. A 2018 study by the Harvard Business Review indicates the most innovative companies are also the most diverse, and produce a broader range of products that appeal to their customers. Furthermore, according to McKinsey, companies in the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity are 35% more likely to produce higher-than-average profits than similar organizations. There’s no question that maintaining an inclusive, welcoming environment can advance your organization’s mission and help achieve company goals.

In addition to the benefits of diversity, potential employees are seeking more diverse and inclusive companies. According to Glassdoor, 72% of women, 89% of blacks, 80% of Asians and 70% of Latinos rank workplace diversity as a priority in their job searches. The more diverse your workforce, the more likely you’ll attract a more inclusive workforce. Why? Because 61% of American workers have witnessed or experienced discrimination or harassment in the workplace over the past year.

We’re all diverse. We all have unique talents, skills, ideas, experiences and perspectives. Encouraging diversity helps employees feel comfortable, allows every employee to be their authentic self, and helps retain valued employees long-term.

To help foster diversity in the workplace, IREM recognizes members from underrepresented groups who have made a significant impact on the real estate management industry, and in their communities, through the DISI (Diversity & Inclusion Succession Initiative).These individuals are proven leaders who have demonstrated leadership skills, and have advanced their careers through IREM education and resources.

IREM’s 2019 DISI Leaders are real estate managers from across the nation representing a range of underrepresented groups. In 2020, IREM will select ten candidates, recognized for their contributions to the real estate management industry at the IREM chapter level, and for their interest in advancing their leadership skills at the national level, made possible by a generous grant from the IREM Foundation. Each selected DISI Leader will be connected to a professional mentor, recognized by IREM in publications and social media, and receive a complimentary registration to the 2020 IREM Global Summit in Toronto, Canada along with $1000 for travel expenses. Applications for 2020 DISI Leaders are being accepted through February 15, 2020. To learn more and to apply for DISI, go to IREM Diversity Outreach Program.


Diversity is good. Note for policy decisions, that many dues paying members of IREM are adamantly opposed to IREM delving into any promotion or involvement in "LGBTQ".


Hello Chris, IREM is an inclusive organization that values differences and provides an equal opportunity environment for members, vendors, and staff. We welcome individuals of all races, ages, genders, gender identities, sexual orientations, creeds, national origins, and individuals with disabilities. This includes members of the LGBTQ community. Our strength is, and always will be, the diversity of our members. IREM will stand and advocate for our LGBTQ members to ensure that all are equally represented, supported, and able to achieve success without discrimination, retaliation, or other injustices. Thank you, Jasmyn Sylvester, IREM Diversity Advisory Board Chair


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